•32X20X1,8 cm

Suited for snacks.
Made in oak and coated with white mineral oil.

The product should be oiled when in need.

•Cleen with damp cloth.

•How to oil the tray:
Apply the oil (the one you prefer) with a clean rag, microfibre cloth or piece of kitchen paper. Rub plenty of oil into the product before wiping off any surplus later. Oil the product at regular intervals - how frequently depends on how often and for what purpose the product is used

Tänk på att trä är ett naturmaterial och beter sig precis så, kvistar och ådror i träet är en del av detta.

 Our products are all handmade and hand painted. Each piece is unique and may vary a bit. Keep in mind that wood is a natural material and do have its own way of behaving, knots and grains are a part of that

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